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The Farm Share Program

Since we started to farm, we knew we did not want to grow food for people on the other side of the world. Instead, our goal is to grow healthy food for people in Vilnius with whom we could share the benefits and joys of having a farm.

The Farm Share Program is not only about sharing the harvest of the season, but also about sharing the experience of having a farm together. We are creating a community of friends, passionate about good food, nature, and simple living.

How it works

Our farm works with a subscription model in which the subscriber receives weekly a box of fresh vegetables and greens. Boxes normally include 7-10 seasonal items, all grown on our farm. Most weeks we include a mix of leafy greens, roots, fruit vegetables, and others. We also organize farm events during the season, share recipes, advise about urban farming, and sometimes we include surprises in the boxes!

***If you are not sure if the Farm Share Program is the right fit for you, we recommend you to first order a Sample Box. You will have the chance to see how everything works - and if you like the veggies, the service, and us (your smiling farmers here!), then you can order one of our subscriptions and save some money by buying your veggies in advance. 

Join Our Farm Share Program 2021

Fresh vegetables delivered to your door, directly from your farmers.

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